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Terms and Conditions

Once your enrolment application has been placed with us it will be taken that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you are unhappy with any part of these, then you should contact before enrolling and paying for your chosen course.

(the "Academy", "we", "our", "us")

1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise requires:

"Enrolment" means a sales agreement entered into between you and Allure Beauty Academy for the condition of the enrolment on the terms as set out below.

"Online Network Access" means right of entry to our online web-site or any of its learning settings and online learning materials.

"Materials" means course books and all associated learning guides, leaflets and aids with which to learn your course(s).

Registered office address:
2/3 North Mews, Holborn, Central London, WC1N  2JP

2. Payments – Course fee

2.1 The course fees will be subject to VAT at the current rate

2.2 The course enrolment fee is payable prior to start date of your course.

2.3 Payment in full will be due 14 days before the commencement date of your course.

2.4 Bookings without accompanying payment are provisional only. A non refundable deposit must be paid to secure your place. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the deposit being forfeited.

2.5 Allure Beauty Academy reserves the right to alter course fees at any time.

2.6 Please bring your confirmation on the first day of course commencement. This letter will be sent to the student upon receipt of the completed application form together with the correct deposit. A student is accepted for enrolment on, and subject to, the conditions that the student will attend on the start date, and at the time specified in the confirmation letter.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1 Our liability for direct losses arising out of our negligence (other than in respect of liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence), breach of contract or any other cause of action arising out of or in relationship with the Enrolment Agreement shall be limited to the payment of the course(s).

3.2 We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (including without limitation any loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of opportunity or your liabilities to third parties) which you may suffer arising out of or in connection with the Enrolment Agreement.

3.3 We intend to rely on the written terms set out here on this full document. If you require any changes, please ensure you ask for these to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what we, and you, are expected to do.

4. Cancellation or changes made by you (the learner)

4.1 Due to the limited places available for our courses, the course cost (less the deposit 10%) is refundable only if a written cancellation is received at our Head Office at least 21 days before the course commencement date.

4.2 If you are ill, or have an accident which makes you unable to attend the course, once recovered you may continue on a new course (provided we have written evidence from your doctor or hospital and availability on the course).

4.3 Should you have to change your course dates before 14 days, the deposit is non-refundable and a administration of 10% will be added.

4.4 If the Academy cancels the course for any reason it will not be liable for any other costs you may have incurred whatsoever including transport, accommodation, meals or any other costs as a result of any arrangements you may have agreed or contracted and it is up to you to ensure you have made suitable insurance arrangements to cover any such likely event as a result of cancellation by the Academy.

4.5 Deposits are non-refundable but can be credited to another beauty training course at Beauty Academy London, subject to availability.

4.6. If for any reason other than stated in 5.1,  upon discretion of the academy, complete Level 2 is valid for 12 months from the start of your course. Complete Level 3 is valid 14 months from the start date of your course subject to availability.

5. Refunds

5.1 If a student fails to attend or complete their course for any reason other than the unlikely event that it is cancelled by Beauty Academy London, no refund of fees or deposits will be made and the student must re-book. This includes: personal problems, illness, change of mind, relocation, pregnancy, illness or death in the family, change in personal circumstances, failure to obtain a visa or a loan etc.).

5.2 Fees are not refundable if the course is interrupted or cancelled through an act of God or terrorist act.

5.3 Course fees, deposits and other payments are non-transferable to beauty products at  ABA.

5.4 You will not be reimbursed in the event you do not complete the course for any reason whatsoever.

6. Cancellations by Beauty Academy London

6.1 Allure Beauty Academy may terminate this agreement at any time and recover all sums due from you if you:

do not make payments on time

do not carry out your obligations under this agreement

If you fail to make any payments due to us we shall no longer have to carry out any of our obligations under this agreement or any other agreement between you and us until you have paid us the outstanding sums in full.

6.2 You may not withhold payment of any invoice or other amount due to us even if you allege you have a claim against us or a right of set off.

6.3 You will only receive your deposit if we cancel the course you have booked due to low recruitment numbers or any other unforeseen reasons.

7. Assessments

7.1 All assessments must be completed within the course time scales given for fast track NVQ courses in order to receive certification. 100% attendance is required. During your course period you will be provided with course material for your learning and online network access supporting material (online is currently under construction.)

7.2 Paying for and/or completing a course does not guarantee a qualification or certificate of achievement. Awards are gained by the successful completion of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies. The decision of the course principal is final in all cases.

7.3  Should the awarding body VTCT request that you attend Allure Beauty Academy on a separate occasion to assess your work, it is compulsory that you do so.

7.4. It is not the responsibility of the beauty school to provide additional teaching hours for students to ‘catch up’ on education missed due to lateness or absenteeism for whatever reason.   Students failing to complete their assessments, variations, ranges etc. during the term of their course will be charged by the hour for any further teaching/supervision/assessing. These sessions will be at the convenience of the school and charged at an hourly rate of £50 subject to the availability of a tutor.

8. Hours/Holidays

8.1 Students are required to attend on the first day of their course or module at the time stated on their confirmation letter. Students who fail to do so will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid.

8.2 Classes will start promptly at the published times, irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed to wait for latecomers, and teachers are not responsible for repeating work missed. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the course principal without prior notice.

8.3 The beauty school will be closed on all UK public holidays and two weeks over Christmas. If a public holiday falls during your course, the course may be extended to reflect the bank holidays for that period.

8.4  Time off for official religious holidays, booked holidays, and planned weddings, medical appointments etc. must be discussed and agreed before application. We recommend that all absence be avoided where possible.


9.1 Students making arrangements for payment of course fees through overseas banks must ensure that either the fees or proof of payment from their bank accompanies their application form. We advise students to mark requests to their banks for foreign exchange as ‘Priority’, being of an educational nature. Bank drafts should be directed to Beauty Academy London, 2/3 North Mews, London, UK, WC1N 2JP, UK. If English is your second language please note that it will be necessary to be able to answer your oral questions without the aid of a translator or other person.

9.2 If English is your second language please note that it will be necessary to be able to answer your oral questions without the aid of a translator or other person.

9.3  It is vitally important that your bank quotes the full name of the attending student on the details of payment. All bank charges must be prepaid in order that Allure Beauty Academy receives the amount in full.

10. Complaints Procedure

All complaints are to be set out in writing and sent to Allure Beauty Academy, 2/3 North Mews. Holborn, London WC1N 2JP.

Suggestions and Complaints forms are readily available in reception areas in the Academy.

11. Certification

11.1 A certificate will be made available for every course attended. If a course is for an external certificate and for whatever reason as the student the standard required is not achieved as set by the external accreditation body for a certificate then you can apply for an attendance certificate from the Academy. For NVQ certification courses the VTCT Awarding body handbook is available to you as a reference and can be downloaded from the VTCT website on

11.2 Paying for and/or completing a course does not guarantee a qualification or certificate of achievement. Awards are gained by the successful completion of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies. The decision of the course principal is final in all cases.

12. General

12.1 School uniform is required for all students unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the Dress Code on the Courses page for details.

12.2 All course contents, their elements and fees are subject to change without any prior notice to students at the discretion of the school.

12.3 It is the student’s responsibility to collect his/her portfolio from the centre. Portfolios will be kept at the centre for no longer than 12 months after completion of your course. Failure to collect within this time will result in it being destroyed.

12.4 No relaxation or indulgence which we may extend to you, shall affect our rights under these Terms and Conditions.

12.5  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any court of body of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable such unenforceability will not affect the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect. All liabilities or obligations arising under these Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable against you after termination of the Enrolment Agreement.

13.  Appeal Procedure

I the student in the event wishes to challenge as assessment decision can do so directly to the Internal Verifier in writing 21 days of the assessment decision.  The appeal will be taken up by other staff not related to the initial decision. The student will be notified verbally and  in writing within 21 days of appeal being lodged.  If the candidate is dissatisfied with the response, he/she can write to the Awarding body within 10 working days of the independent appeal decision.

14. Health and Safety

If you and / or the student have a disability then you and / or the student may need a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan). Please report any disability to the Course Administrator and advise them if you have any difficulty with the normal means of escape on the premises.

Please make sure you and / or the student have read the notices in the premises for the course and you and / or the student are familiar with the means of escape in an emergency of any type. You will be expected to evacuate the building promptly if an emergency siren sounds and Fire Wardens (Staff) will take charge.

It is expected that the student will act responsibly and not cause stress to any other person and/or not bully another person and/or not swear and/or not use abusive language and/or not behave in a way that could cause danger to any other person and/or cause injury to any other person.

Any hazards associated with a course will be explained and the control systems and safe working methods will be explained and it is expected that the student will follow these requirements for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and others.

If the student has any specific health problems or concerns then these must be reported to the Course administrator and each Tutor and Assessor involved. The Academy will make every effort to meet your needs as a student.

Various provisions have already been installed at the Mews to facilitate certain disabilities. Please report disabilities and / or health conditions etc that are relevant in advance of your course to a Course Administrator at the Academy to enable any arrangements to be made in good time before the start of your course

If the student fails to comply with the Health and/or Safety requirements in part or in full this may delay your course or you may not be able to attend your planned course.

15. Disciplinary

15.1 If any student behaves improperly on the school’s premises including any form of cheating during an assessment/exam, damages or removes any equipment belonging to the school will be asked to leave immediately.

15.2  The course principal reserves the right to dismiss any student giving justifiable cause for such action. Her decision in all such matters will be deemed as final.

16. Alcohol, drugs and Substance Misuse

The Academy encourages the health and wellbeing of all students and wishes to minimise problems arising from the misuse of alcohol and drugs. The Academy will offer guidance and support to any students known to have an alcohol or drug related problem and assist them to seek appropriate help. However the Academy will report to the police all incidents involving the supply or taking of illegal substances on its premises, as required by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

17. Copyright

All material and details are the property of by the Beauty Academy London, no copies of any part of material or documentation is to be reproduced for any purpose.

18. Alterations to these terms and conditions

18.1 Subject to the following provisions of this clause these terms and conditions may be altered without notice by the Academy and shall be binding on the members of the scheme. Any such alteration shall be transmitted to the members of the scheme within a reasonable time period and shall be effective as directed by the Academy.

18.2 These conditions form the main part of the contract between the school and the student. Only the course principal shall be authorized to alter or waive any of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

19. Jurisdiction and applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by English law and any dispute arising from, or related to these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

20. Equality and Diversity Policy

The Academy is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all its students and staff in all aspects to ensure that no–one is discriminated against on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, social position or sexual orientation.

21. Data protection

We collect any personal data you may give us when you begin your course. We will also collect contact details from prospective students. We maintain data on your transactions with us as well as your use of our services. This means that we will not share any of your details with third parties apart from the details required by the awarding bodies for the purpose of registration and certification. The Academy are required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act (the ‘Act’) in relation to how we handle any personal data which we obtain from you and / or the student. Any personal information will only be used in the context of the course and / or training and / or assessment. We may process all the information we obtain from you and / or the student to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you and / or the student and we may request further information from third parties or disclose your details and / or the student details to other selected parties such as your employer, VTCT or their regulatory industry bodies or others and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and the National Examinations Board for Occupational Safety and Health as well as Beauty Academy London. We may contact you and / or the student to inform you of new courses or the expiry of your certificate.

*Please NOTE: Allure Beauty Academy shall not be liable for any failure in the performance of any of its obligations under this agreement caused by factors outside its control.